RIM is an approach to life that integrates Eastern and Western thought, conscious and unconscious, rational and intuitive, active and passive, using the physical body as the vehicle of that integration and expression.  It is a system of outer and inner observation and dialogue through movement that appears as exercise.  These movements unify body, mind and spirit in a way that is extremely profound, activating and strengthening the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual core.  This core becomes the foundation for power, balance, responsiveness, and harmony.  A body that is powerful, efficient and fluid; a mind that is decisive, trusting, aware; a spirit that is connected to “all that is”-- all of this expresses the results of the Revolution In Motion. 

Mastering  RIM empowers the individual with self- knowing, encouraging intuitive movement, inner and outer alignment, expansiveness and freedom.  Manifestation of this mastery is freedom from pain and restrictions/limitations, prevention/ reduction of injury/obstacles and the achievement of majestic athleticism, joyfulness, harmony, peace and gratitude.  The realization that we are more than we believe ourselves to be and that we are powered by the infinite leads to possibilities beyond the beyond.

Founder’s Bio
Dr Edythe Heus has been featured in several major publications including the Oprah Magazine and on national broadcasts. Why? Because she is an extraordinarily gifted healer who, over 30 years of enlightened practice, has advanced her training as a chiropractor and kinesiologist to such a level that she routinely achieves transformations in her patients’ health where others have failed.

The long list of people she has saved from surgery, pain and malaise includes leaders in elite professional sports of all kinds, the entertainment and fashion industries, music and business. They appreciate the precision and accuracy of her insights, her direct treatment of the root cause and the rapid, lasting improvements they experience.

As a published author she has shared her remarkable science and breakthrough therapeutic approach with a broader public. Building on her unrivalled ability to channel the body’s capacity for self healing in the right sequence, Dr Edythe developed the Revolution in Motion (RIM) system that enables people to heal old injuries, prevent new ones and attain their optimum level of wellness and longevity, without ever having to lift more than a ten pound weight.

Because RIM leverages a small part of the nervous system to train the entire musculo-skeletal and kinetic systems, it generates tremendous results with far less effort than other leading systems. By uniting body, mind and spirit, RIM movements integrate all the powers available to deliver an unprecedented level of strength and proficiency to perform at your peak. 
Dr. Edythe practices in the LA area and Manhattan, traveling on speaking and educational assignments, all the while researching and developing ever better ways for her practice to enhance her clients’ wellbeing. An avid skier, surfer, and traveler, Dr Edythe embraces life with gusto, wisdom and love.

Your quality of life improves with RIM. It begins with a closer
connection to your body, which starts to feel much more comfortable. You will also handle
stress more effectively and retain agility for a longer period of your life. Best of all, you will
increase your longevity.