Functional Movement & Performance

Learn how to reach optimal performance and attain a state of flow through neurologically based, functional movement training.

How We Do This

RevInMo™ trains barefoot on unstable surfaces using a neurologically activating series of exercises that are novel, playful and transformative.

Novelty, somatosensory stimulation, variations in loading, integration and automation are critical elements in performance training and the basis for Revolution in Motion. Automation is what top athletes refer to as “the zone” or “flow state.”

Upcoming Events

You are ALL invited to attend this month’s Alumni Gathering, featuring Adventure Athlete, 7x World Champion, Best Selling Author, and Emmy Winner Rebecca Rusch, this coming Thursday, January 19, @ 5:30 PM PST.

Rebecca and Dr. Edythe will share their experience working together starting at 5:30 PM PST. This has been an amazing journey for both of them.

To get to know Rebecca before Thursday, we invite you to watch her spellbinding documentary: Blood Road. You will be awed by her unforgettable journey.

Alumni Gatherings are complimentary but require registration. Please register here.
Our monthly movement session will be at the end of the gathering if time permits.

We encourage you to invite others to learn about what is possible when geniuses collaborate towards a common goal. Where the impossible becomes possible.

See you all this Thursday, January 19, @ 5:30 PM PST AND throughout the week, for another week of Rev Virtual Classes with Dr. Edythe!

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Fluid & Efficient Movement

Your movement will become more efficient and fluid. Whether just in walking or your golf game, RevInMo™ reduces wear and tear on your joints and keeps you young longer.


Enhanced Posture

Upright posture standing or sitting should not take a lot of energy and effort but it will if you are not using the right muscles. RevInMo™ corrects this and provides posture like never before.


Flexibility & Tone

Training your brain enhances their signals to your muscles directing them efficiently, moving the right muscles at the right time with the right amount of tension. Precisely organized muscles result in optimal flexibility.


Stronger Core

We train the full spectrum of lower abdominal muscles creating rich and responsive changes that direct the larger muscles. Because these muscles are small and out of sight their significance is overlooked by other training systems.


Explosive Power

We train the nervous system as well as the body to respond quickly and magnificently to subtle and dramatic changes in your environment. Whether it is the surface you are walking on, the car that stops suddenly in front of you, or your opponent in a competitive sport.


Restorative & Preventative Therapy

Our training combats natural detonation of muscles and performance. Your posture, movement and balance all improve creating a balance between restoration and prevention.

Other Benefits of RevInMo™ are:

  • Improved balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Enhanced cognitive function and awareness
  • Injury correction and prevention
  • Significantly enhanced athletic performance

“With Revolution In Motion, finally, my body can do what my mind felt it could.”

Steve Finley

World Series Champion Baseball Player

Better Health & Movement is Our Mission

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