Level 1 – Starts January 10th, 2022

This is the flagship certification program for Revolution In Motion. Level 1 covers the philosophy of RevInMo.

Edythe Heus · August 24, 2021




The Revolution in Motion Level 1 flagship course covers the RevInMo philosophy, essentials, and an overview of functional assessment and diagnosis of exercise movement patterns. Level 1 Certification will allow you to work with clients as a RevInMo practitioner to facilitate unrestricted movement and heightened neurological health. The online course comprises of 10 modules covered over the course of 10 weeks. The course is open to fitness professionals and non-professionals, but it is strongly encouraged to complete the RevInMo Foundation course before signing up.





The desired Goals and Outcomes of your RevInMo Level 1 course include:


  1. An introduction to RevInMo how it works
  2. An understanding of our mission and your responsibility to that mission
  3. Knowledge of RevInMo fundamentals and concepts
  4. Comprehension of the RevInMo Essentials including the origins and concepts, relevance, personal identification and use, client applications. 
  5. Posture and gait analysis and recording competency: a general overview and by Essential
  6. Competency in 34 RevInMo exercises: instructional overview, identifying and correcting common mistakes, kinesthetic cueing, and advancements
  7. Ability to choose and implement a segmental program based on the primary Essential and deficient segment.




The RevInMo Level 1 Course is taught through the Zoom platform. The workshop will be conducted by program creator Dr. Edythe Heus. Participation is limited to ensure students will have an appropriate amount of interaction with one another and with Dr. Edythe.


This workshop will be taught in English and begins at 8 AM Pacific / Los Angeles time zone. Class duration is 2.5 hours. Your presence for the full time on all days is a requirement for enrollment. If this time is not convenient, please register for a different workshop. We will provide one 10-minute break during each module.


This is an interactive course where participants will be able to interact with the instructor and other attendees. Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 participants to ensure an optimal student-teacher ratio.

The Level 1 Course Manual will be provided and updated as the course continues through each module.


You will need to have full access to WiFi to stream video for a full 2.5 hours each day.

If you do not have access to a good WiFi signal, we do not recommend attempting to complete the online course. If you do not have Zoom installed, please sign up for a free account and download a freeware version. If you have that option, we recommend screen mirroring the video from your laptop or another device to a larger screen, such as a larger television in your living room. That will allow you to see and hear the Instructor and other students while practicing. While it is possible to participate using only a laptop, you will need to be prepared to move back and forth quite a bit as you view what is demonstrated on-screen and then perform exercises. It would be best if you did not plan on doing the entire workshop on a cellular device, as you will not be able to see the Instructor on a tiny screen.

Please position your laptop or webcam in an area with sufficient space to practice the RevInMo movements. If joining while in your living room area, you may want to move your furniture aside for the duration of the workshop.






The workshop is open to people of all skill levels. You should be able to support your body weight and be medically cleared to participate in physical activities. Attendees must be at least 18 years of age.


Dr. Edythe Heus is a movement specialist, integrative healthcare practitioner, chiropractor, and founder of Revolution In Motion. Her revolutionary technique tunes and shapes the mind and body in ways that few other methods can. RevInMo is a form of neuro-kinesthetic programming that serves equally well in rehabilitating aging adults, optimizing elite athletes, and engaging participants from all walks of life. Revolution in Motion modalities engage the mind, enhance the senses, and lead to automation, or “the flow state.”

To learn more about Dr. Edythe, visit https://revinmo.com/dr-edythe-heus/


The Level 1 course rate is $2000 US Dollars (USD). Payment plans are available. Please contact mayra@revinmo.com for more information.

ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. If you are paying in a foreign currency, conversion rates are applied automatically at checkout.






Upon completion of this course, you have the option to test for the RevInMo Level 1 Certification. In order to receive this certification, you must be present for the entire course and complete all requirements. For more information about the certification process email mayra@revinmo.com



















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