Level 1

Experience the in-depth philosophy and practical application of RevInMo with our flagship Level 1 course.

Edythe Heus · August 24, 2021


The Revolution in Motion Level 1 flagship course covers the RevInMo philosophy, essentials, and an overview of functional assessment and diagnosis of exercise movement patterns. Level 1 Certification will allow you to work with clients as a RevInMo practitioner to facilitate unrestricted movement and heightened neurological health. The online course comprises 11 modules that cover the practical applications of the RevInMo system. The course is open to fitness professionals and non-professionals, but it is strongly encouraged to complete the RevInMo Foundation course before signing up.


The desired Goals and Outcomes of the RevInMo Level 1 course include:

  1. Understand what RevInMo is and how it works
  2. Know our Mission and your responsibilities
  3. Acquire a usable comprehension of the Essentials of RevInMo
    • What are the essentials
    • What are the concepts that form the Essentials  
    • Learn to identify and use the Essentials within your own body
    • Be able to demonstrate the Essentials
    • Be able to guide others kinesthetically through the Essentials
    • Why they are important
    • How to use them in assessment 
    • What they translate into
  4. Posture and gait analysis and recording competency
    • General overview
    • By Essential
  5. Competency in 34 RevInMo exercises
    • How to do them 
    • Identifying and correcting common mistakes
    • Kinesthetic cueing
  6. Ability to choose and implement a segmental program based on the primary essential and deficient segment


Your registration includes:

  • Full access to the RevInMo Institute Level 1 Course
  • PDF of the Level 1 Course Manual
  • Access to the RevinMo Institute team for continued learning and support throughout the course
  • RevInMo Level 1 Certification or Certificate of Completion


Self-Guided Course

R.I.M. Institute’s Self-Guided Courses provide all the content and recordings from previous Livestreams, assignments, quizzes, and tests. The course is done at your own pace with guidance and accountability from R.I.M. Institute’s Team. It is also encouraged to sign up for the RevInMo Studio Foundation Virtual Classes to strengthen your learning as you progress, details below.

  • RevInMo Studio Virtual Classes with Q&A’s
    • 8 classes per week are available through 3-6-12 month memberships
      • 3 month $250 / mo
      • 6 month $200 / mo
      • 12 month $185 / mo


Upon completion of this course, you have the option to test for the RevInMo Level 1 Certification. In order to receive this certification, you must acquire 12 “contact hours” through our mentorship program where you have a live session (Livestream or in-person) with an authorized Master Instructor listed below. Please reach out to RevInMo if you would like more information about the Certification process.

  • Current Master Instructors for the mentorship program
    • Dr. Eric Hughes
    • Alex Kalinkos
    • Colin Donohoo
  • *Pricing according to Master Instructors Fees


The workshop is open to persons of all skill levels. You should be physically fit enough to support your own bodyweight in quadrupedal position and be medically cleared to participate in physical activities. Attendees must be at least 18 years old.


Dr. Edythe Heus is a functional medicine specialist and founder of Revolution In Motion. Her revolutionary technique tunes and shapes the mind and body in ways that few other methods can. RevInMo is a form of neuro-kinesthetic programming that serves equally well in rehabilitating aging Boomers, optimizing elite athletes, engaging executives and artists-Focusing the mind, enhancing the senses, and leading to automation, or “the flow state.”

(Click here to learn more about Dr. Edythe Heus)


  • The Level 1 Self-Guided course rate is $1500 USD.
  • ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. If you are paying in a foreign currency, the conversion is done automatically at checkout. Payment plans available. Please contact RevInMo for more information.

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