Our Crew

Mayra McCullough

Since 2007 I embarked a path in health and wellness which has been rich and full of diversity. From Personal Trainer in elite gyms to Founder and President of a non-profit dedicated to stress management, my landing at RevInMo has been a beautiful culmination at this point in my career. I’ve known of Dr. Edythe’s work for years and always admired her work from afar. I’m now a certified Level 1 RevInMo Trainer since August 2018, but the work which has unfolded for me here brings me to my Production Manager roots in the film industry (graduated in 1989 from UCLA’s Film School). I’m loving being the Project Catalyst for Dr. Edythe and assisting her in her expansion of RevInMo knowledge world-wide. Body Integration, Supernatural Production and the New Economy are my current passions.

Mayra’s Role at RevInMo:
Mayra is mainly a project manager for RevInMo. Current projects are: RevInMo’s New Website, Meridian Vitality Licensing Program, RevInMo Certifications, RevInMo Trainers Community Building, YouTube Channel Management, Reset Program (Infrared Sauna + in Agoura Studio), and other operations projects as they come up. Since I live 10 minutes from the Agoura studio, I offer support with LA RevInMo patients while Dr. Edythe is in town and manage the support@revinmo.com email address.

Asha Patry

My path and journey has been one of multiple twists and turns – from working in hotels to running my own organic food store to managing hockey teams. My work experience includes a four-year stint at Cirque du Soleil, a spontaneous move to the ‘pura vida’ expat community of Nosara, Costa Rica, and intensive Acupuncture and Chinese medicine studies in British Columbia and New York. Across continents and companies, health, wellness and food has been my deepest love.

Asha’s RevInMo Role:
Asha is Dr. Edythe’s assistant. She spearheads all client relations in New York and supervises client interactions in Los Angeles. Asha also streamlines all messages received in the RevInMo main phone line (818.574.9141) and any general requests that come through our website and hello@revinmo.com email address.

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