“If there were a better program out there, I’d be doing it.”

Dr. Edythe Heus: Founder of Rev6

You may know that Dr. Edythe Heus has trained Olympians, world champions, and Hollywood stars. But did you know she also saved Spiderman? “I may not be alive if it weren’t for Rev6,” says Christopher Tierney, actor in Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.

Dr. Heus is a renowned movement specialist, chiropractor, and integrative healthcare expert, and the revolutionary technique she’s been perfecting for over two decades is called Rev6. It shapes the body and mind in ways that no other method can.

  • Athletes Rev6 to level up their performance
  • Executives Rev6 to tune up their minds
  • Artists Rev6 to enhance their senses
  • Over 40s Rev6 to revitalize their bodies
  • All who Rev6 experience a new state of flow

These profound outcomes are a result of Dr. Heus’ relentless pursuit of the most effective and innovative healing modalities. She founded Rev6 quite simply because no other exercise program tapped essential programming to heal, remodel, and optimize the brain and body as one instrument. Traditional exercise just can’t do what Rev6 can.

Rev6 is a revolution in motion.

Doing a 4-day immersive was my best investment since college.

“The pains I had thought were simply being part of my age had gone, and I was moving younger and stronger. Now that I’m home keeping up the exercises and regimen that Dr. Edythe prescribed, I just keep feeling better and more in awe of her knowledge and insight.”

Lisa Wolfe