Dr. Edythe’s Favorite Things

A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century
By: Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein

I met this book’s authors, Heather and Bret, at Flow Camp in 2019. We were guests and presenters, and our friendship began. Heather’s and Bret‘s writing goes deep.

The dynamic couple hosts the DarkHorse Podcast, A Show for Curious Minds and Free Thinkers found at https://bretweinstein.net/podcast. My husband and I are regular viewers and fans.

Here is a summary of the book:

A provocative exploration of the tension between our evolutionary history and our modern woes–and what we can do about it.

We are living through the most prosperous age in all of human history, yet we are listless, divided, and miserable. Wealth and comfort are unparalleled, but our political landscape is unmoored, and rates of suicide, loneliness and chronic illness continue to skyrocket. How do we explain the gap between these truths? And how should we respond?

A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century outlines a science-based worldview that will empower you to live a better, wiser life.

For evolutionary biologists, Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein, the cause of our troubles is clear: the accelerating rate of change in the modern world has outstripped the capacity of our brains and bodies to adapt. We evolved to live in clans, but today many people don’t even know their neighbors’ names. In our haste to discard outdated gender roles, we increasingly deny the flesh-and-blood realities of sex–and its ancient roots. The cognitive dissonance spawned by trying to live in a society we are not built for is killing us.

In this book, Heying and Weinstein draw on decades of their work teaching in college classrooms and exploring Earth’s most biodiverse ecosystems to confront today’s pressing social ills–from widespread sleep deprivation and dangerous diets to damaging parenting styles and backward education practices. They ask the questions many modern people are afraid to ask.

Breath: The New Science to a Lost Art
By: James Nestor

I have explored breathing techniques for most of my career and was still uncertain on how to guide my patients and students to breathe.  “Breath” has summarized many techniques and provides a guide to experience each of them, deciding for yourself the breathing that works best for you.  I personally loved the audiobook version which enabled me to practice the breathing techniques while listening. Every patient or student that has listened to or read the book discovered how best to breathe for them.  I now incorporate breathing into the RevInMo exercises thanks to Breath.