Revolution In Motion Forums Pelvic Floor Fitness Level 1 Beginners Sequence Reply To: Beginners Sequence

  • Eric

    October 7, 2021 at 10:33 am

    Hi Jacci! I would probably recommend starting them off on the 1st sequence. When I have a new client, I am using each exercise to determine their capabilities, mobility, etc, and modify the sequence from there. If they have a lot of restrictions with movement, we may spend a lot more time with more basic exercises (e.g., pelvic rock, bounce, frog, skater, etc) and omit some of the exercises that require more challenging positions (e.g., side kick). Even then, often times I don’t even get through an entire sequence with a brand new client because there is so much teaching and cueing involved.

    In terms of the elevator speech, my main teaching point is that we want to apply the qualities of healthy fascia to the function of the pelvic floor. We are using Rev to restore elasticity, promote loading and rebound, and improve fluid and efficient movement.