Thank you for taking the first step towards revolutionizing your movement world!

This page will prepare you for being able to join RevInMo Studio and its Virtual Classes if you have never done RevInMo before. If you are familiar with RevInMo, please contact, and she’ll be happy to meet you for 30 minutes to see if you are ready to dive in.

The following four videos will provide instructions from Dr. Edythe herself about the equipment you need, RevInMo Essentials (to keep in mind for every exercise), and the foundational exercises you need to become familiar with to feel at ease doing a Virtual Class.

Our objective is for you to enjoy the process and ease into a unique way of moving, understanding the principles behind it.


Equipment Recommendations


How to Size your Ball


Essentials for All Classes


Foundation Class

This protocol has been designed for those interested in taking Virtual Classes with Dr. Edythe Heus and other RevInMo Practitioners. Level 1, Pelvic Floor Fitness and Level 2 are taught Monday through Thursday live via Zoom. In order to start Level 1 or Pelvic Floor Fitness you need to:

  1. Take the Foundation class 6 times (once you have your equipment)
  2. If you’re uncertain about taking the next step, purchase a 3-Pack of Virtual Classes and schedule a complimentary 30-minute Zoom session with a RevInMo Practitioner!
  3. A RevInMo Practitioner will assess your readiness, answer any questions, and lead you through the following steps to join the Studio using your 3-Pack of Virtual Classes.

Below is a Dr. Edythe’s description of the Foundation class:


This is my entry-level class. You will master the same sequence of exercises on an exercise ball. Some of the exercises will be modified to increase or decrease the challenge. The purpose of this class is to get you comfortable with the instability of the ball, the dynamics of your environment, and your relationship with both. You will be introduced to the 6 Essentials, the foundation of every exercise and the key to transforming how your body moves and performs. By joining this class and practicing at home a few times a week, you will see incredible changes and be given the gift of staying upright, mobile and youthful into old age. Pain will be reduced, injuries will be eliminated and prevented.

Class time: 30 minutes
Equipment You Will Need: Gymnastic Ball and Water Bells

Gymnic Plus Ball

Water Bells