Dr. Edythe Heus can condense what normally takes 3 and a half years of consistent functional medicine work down to 5 days during an Immersive. It is truly a life changing experience.

All immersives yield a focused mind, enhanced senses, and leading to automation of ‘the flow state.”

Below are descriptions for the Immersives focused on Brain/Body, Pelvic Floor, or Senior Vitality.  The maximum capacity for these is six participants, facilitating a wonderful sense of receiving all the attention each needs to ensure transformational results that remain.

Custom Immersives are also available in sunny California, your hometown, or resort destinations to accelerate your health and optimize function.  You can schedule them as personalized 1:1 Immersives with Dr. Edythe for 3-5 days of various advanced treatments and personal training for 3-5 hours each day.  We also welcome groups of family, friends, and organizations to contact us to discuss how we can tailor an experience that meets your specific needs and goals. 


Many have already experienced a decline in both cognitive and physical function and have been told there’s not much that can be done. That’s why we developed this immersive program to produce significant and lasting change in record time.

This first program brings pioneers in the field of neuro-kinesthetic programming and medicine, to radically accelerate changes in cognitive function and physical health.

For your brain and body to function at an optimal level, the communication between the two must be unrestricted and fully functioning. When an activity includes both physical and mental demands, the results far exceed what many think is possible.

This immersive will improve: cognitive function, memory, balance and coordination, pain, anxiety and depression and overall energy, among other things.

Clients experience cutting-edge treatment and exercise. These 5 days will significantly change your mental and physical performance, change the way you eat, and help you achieve a whole new level of health and well-being.

Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic Floor Fitness Immersive is designed for women to invest in bringing restorative health to their female reproductive organs, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The program focuses on lengthening muscles eccentrically and avoids concentric contracting like Kegels, which can actually hinder performance of the pelvic floor. RevInMo targets the multidimensional nature of the pelvic floor and all the directions it can generate movement.

After this immersive, tangible enhancements to the function of the tissue in the pelvic floor result in improved elasticity, strength, control and sensation in this area. This leads to an improved libido while rehabilitating stress incontinence, decreasing pelvic pain, assisting in childbirth, as well as rehabilitating posture and balance issues.

Athletic Performance

Dr. Edythe has been featured in several major publications and on national broadcasts sharing her work with top-notch professional athletes, actors, actresses, stunt professionals and Broadway stars. She has been a great asset to professionals that highly interact with motion in their field and facilitates the foundation they need to keep using their body in challenging performances safely and regeneratively.

This immersive is dedicated to intermediate to advanced movement professionals and welcomes each to bring their challenges and specific needs to the table in order to create a customized treatment program as well as a movement program to take home and continue the work with ease.

StimPod NMS 460

Dr. Heus uses the StimPod to identify troubled nerves and heal them. It delivers a unique radio wave frequency that does the healing but the nerve stimulation is essential to identify the troubled nerve and validate its healing. She has used it for nerve and joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, cranial nerve problems, aberrant mobility, stroke, neurological conditions with exceptional results with the added benefit of alleviating anxiety and depression.
It is a valuable tool for optimizing performance at any level.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a form of Photobiomodulation. Light of varying wavelengths and power is used to heal injuries and lesions, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and remodel fascia. Although it is not known exactly how laser therapy works it is a photochemical process. Laser will reduce oxidative stress and increase ATP improving cell metabolism and reducing inflammation.

Dr. Heus uses the LZ30 laser which is the top of the line product in LLLT and a Class 4 laser.

Functional Neurology Tools

Dr. Heus uses numerous tools to enhance brain-body communication and performance as well as for the treatment of neurological conditions. These tools include, but limited to the Neuro Sensory Integrator, Right Eye System, and the Motion Guidance system. These tools use eye movements to identify brain problems, correct those problems and enhance performance.

Functional Medicine

Blood , saliva, stool testing may be a necessary part of a patient’s intake. Dr. Heus uses the results of the tests and the aforementioned tools to compile a comprehensive picture of your health and how it can be restored. Customized diets and supplementation are a critical part of restoring wellness and advancing performance.

Additional therapies

Fascia manipulation, lymphatic drainage, kinesiotaping are a few of the multitudes of therapies Dr. Heus has been trained in and uses.