Dr. Eric Hughes

RevInMo’s Practitioner

Eric Hughes is a Naturopathic Physician that graduated from Bastyr University in 2019 and currently practices in Seattle, WA.

His path towards functional movement first started in college at Washington State University, in which he began training in CrossFit. It was not long after that he became a coach so he could express his passion and desire for health and fitness by guiding clients through their own journey. Dr. Eric also trained daily with aspirations of competing in CrossFit, however, he was continually setback from repetitive injury. Although he saw the immense value in what CrossFit could provide for himself and his clients, he felt as though there was something missing in his paradigm of fitness.

It was at Bastyr University where he had learned about Revolution In Motion. Dr. Edythe and her trainers, Alex Kalinkos and Collin Donohoo, taught a weekend seminar on RevInMo to fellow ND students. It was from this experience that an entirely new dimension of functional movement was introduced to Dr. Eric. He saw a movement system that was intelligent, in which it integrated the body as a whole unit, rather than focusing solely on the site of pain. It was this harmony between the mind and body that he saw truly influence posture, injury prevention and recovery, and performance.

Since then, Dr. Eric has visited the RevInMo studios in both New York and California multiple times and has become a Level 3 certified RevInMo trainer. It is one of Dr. Eric’s mainstays in his practice, in which he uses RevInMo to aid in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of physical conditions. In addition, his personal Rev practice allows him to stay healthy throughout his own athletic endeavors.