Jacci Farlow

RevInMo’s Practitioner

When I first started Revinmo I had no intention of teaching it. I already have a very full time career as a property manager and photographer, and was reveling in the wonderful benefits of Revinmo, feeling better and more balanced every week. When Dr. Edythe offered the Pelvic Floor certification, I signed up just to learn more and grow in my own practice. However, because I couldn’t stop talking about how good I felt, and how brilliant the exercises were, I was moved to share my experience with other women my age to reverse the aging process! I’ve done many modalities of exercise and fitness from yoga and tai chi to pilates and boot camp, but they all left me unsatisfied. Revinmo addressed all my physical needs and more by remodeling fascia and rewiring my parasympathetic system. Revinmo works on so many levels and is so simple and effective, I really want everyone to know about it! So in my own little world in Central New York, I hope to spread the word and bring the joy of Revinmo into people’s lives. Are you ready to Rock & Rev?!