Jana King

RevInMo’s Practitioner

Every client is unique and every day, for every client, is different.  While programming and monitoring of progression are important aspects of physical exercise, the development of an unforced habit of physical movement is the most important thing for clients to cultivate.  Walking around with the most capable and connected version of your body and being surprised with its ability to respond to spontaneous challenges and experiences contributes to a happier life.  This gives a greater sense of satisfaction than compliance to any ‘routine.’ A genuine and self-motivated desire to move, explore and optimize our body, (the one thing we have from birth and until death) comes from often un-learning things the ‘fitness industry’ has pushed on us, caring about how the body can move and then addressing the function of its individual parts as well as the alignment of them as a piece of a whole.  IT IS SO FASCINATING AND TRULY FUN!

Revolution in Motion is one of the movement modalities I utilize with clients and I am constantly in awe of the ah-ha opportunities it initiates.  It’s one of very few systems that supplement and improve performance in anything!

My goal is to educate you, help you develop an awareness of your own body’s movement, and create your own toolbox and wellness community outside of me.  This is all to build your skill and confidence with checking in and addressing your body’s needs to a point where you can ‘fly the coup.’  Just as a blank canvas calls to the artist, your body will start to entice you.  Wellness is a living art. 

 All that said, I do offer a private atmosphere, pleasant attitude, culture of growth, and deeper understanding so you might not want to leave.  I call what I do Lifestyle Coordination J

Other career highlights:

2007, an internship with the strength and conditioning coaches for the Texas Rangers and Dallas Desperados

2008, BS Kinesiology, University of Southern California

2008-2016, personal trainer, fitness manager, and master instructor for premier fitness company

2016 founded Lifestyle Coordination

2016-2021, group instructor and head coach for top fitness franchise

2018 opened Lifestyle Coordination Headquarters


  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Sports Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting
  • Master Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning
  • Pelvic Floor Fitness and Level 1, Revolution in Motion
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training, Smart Tools