Mayra McCullough

RevInMo’s Practitioner

Mayra McCullough is a holistic fitness trainer whose track record of 13,000+ personal training sessions began in 2008. Top-ranked trainer nationally in the elite Equinox for 3 years in a row, it was here when Mayra crossed paths with Revolution In Motion. One of her colleagues at Equinox, Colin Donohoo, introduced her to Dr. Edythe Heus’ work, leaving a deep mark of curiosity and admiration at the time.

Mayra left Equinox in 2011 following her creative impulse to bring her fitness world to nature, a surprising concept for a city girl from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who had no green thumb and no evident desire towards ecological frameworks.

For 10 years Mayra has evolved with three business ventures birthed post-Equinox, all revolving around nature connection and holistic health.

In 2018 she was invited to Revolution In Motion’s Certification by her dear friend Jane Washburn. Meeting Dr. Edythe was a game-changer. Dr. Edythe had the science of all Mayra believed fitness should be, about body integration and tapping to the state of flow.

RevInMo’s notions of organic movement crystalized Mayra’s quest for health-through-nature in the field of corporal motion.

Mayra trains her clients remotely and lives in Woodland Hills, CA, where she practices an eco-friendly lifestyle in her unique geodesic dome within a tiny eco-village suburban model.