Mina Cho

RevInMo’s Practitioner

Having personally suffered from sports injury, I intimately know how it feels to be set back from sports and daily life activities due to recurring pain in the body.

My own journey for a pain-free and fluid body led me to Revinmo, a barefoot training system that utilizes novel movement to reorganize the fascia, connective tissues, neuromuscular connections, and rewire the brain. Instead of looking only at the site of pain, Revinmo treats the body as a whole to eliminate dysfunction and enhance physical and mental performance.

Once I freed myself from most of my bodily blockages, I was able to restore harmonious balance to the body, mind, spirit and ultimately find my authentic self. It is my greatest pleasure to help individuals unravel hidden resistance within their bodies to achieve this mind-body alignment, and a state of flow: An optimal state of consciousness, and a peak state where we feel and perform our best.

I love to teach individuals of all ages and backgrounds to move confidently, and reset their bodies to their optimal state. Most recently having experienced the benefits of Revinmo throughout my own pregnancy and childbirth, I am passionate about sharing Revinmo as a powerful tool towards pre and post natal health for moms and moms-to-be.