Sarah Kesler

RevInMo’s Practitioner

I have always been interested in the mind-body connection and when I began training with a RevInMo™ trainer it felt like a natural fit.

Coming from a background as a HIIT athlete where I felt my body starting to break down from the intensity, I was drawn to the gentle strength and body awareness inherent in the movements of RevInMo™.

The structure of the movements made me feel physically attuned and balanced but what really amazed me was how it helped me feel emotionally attuned and balanced as well.

The results I experienced were so life-changing that I felt I had to share RevInMo™ with others, becoming a RevInMo™ certified trainer in order to train clients at my private studio in Passaic, New Jersey. I get tremendous satisfaction from sharing the depth of RevInMo™ with my clients; watching them gain body awareness, optimize their movement patterns and shed years of pain through our sessions together.