Valerie Sonnenthal

RevInMo’s Practitioner

Going into my fifties and unable to walk without pain, I began studying footwork practices and healing modalities. Although I did not live in NYC, someone suggested I try Revolution in Motion’s Feet First classes around 2010. I went, I sweated, I was challenged, I felt like a kid, and at the end of class, I marveled that it was already over. I went as often as I could on my few NYC visits.

A silver lining during the pandemic was the opportunity to take Revolution In Motion Institute’s Pelvic Floor Fitness Self-Guided Course on my own time while attending Virtual Classes with Dr. Edythe twice a week. Then, I jumped at the opportunity to get certified to teach Vitality. I love teaching Vitality!

I have taught a variety of healing modalities on Martha’s Vineyard (MV), NYC, and Mexico and own Peaked Hill Studio on MV while presently creating a studio in Providence, Rhode Island. Teaching is a way for me to share tools that allow each of us to have a different relationship with our bodies so we can promote healing, stay out of pain, and balance our nervous system. Before committing to the RevInMo practice, I taught biomechanically-based yoga, a deep meditative healing practice for the past five years.

Most students will give me an hour per week. I want them to have the most significant global effect in their body. Feeling the breadth of RevInMo’s focus, movement, and effects on my body, I understood it perfectly complements the biomechanically-based yoga I practice and teach. I am thrilled to continue studying, learning, and sharing RevInMo in my local communities and online. Peaked Hill Studio looks forward to welcoming Dr. Edythe Heus from September 9th to 15th and introducing her outstanding work to Martha’s Vineyard, Providence, and beyond.