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Jeff Blum August 23, 2021


Not content with training Olympians, World Champions, and Hollywood Stars, Dr. Heus, functional medicine specialist, saved Spiderman too. Her revolutionary technique tunes and shapes the mind and body in ways that few other methods can. A form of neuro-kinesthetic programming that serves equally well rehabilitating aging Boomers, optimizing elite athletes, or engaging executives and artists-Focusing the mind, enhancing the senses, and leading to automation, or “the flow state.”

(To learn more about Dr. Edythe go to: https://revinmo.com/dr-edythe-heus/)


Learn the fundamentals of Revolution in Motion, including the Essentials and gaining competency of 12 RevInMo exercises.


The desired Goals and Outcomes of your RevInMo FOUNDATION course include:

  1. Your understanding what RevInMo is and how it works
  2. Knowing our Mission and your responsibility in that mission
  3. Knowing the fundamentals of RevInMo and the concepts that lead to them
  4. Acquiring a usable comprehension of the Essentials of RevInMo 
    1. What are the essentials
    2. What are their origins
    3. What are the concepts that form the Essentials 
    4. Learn to identify and use the essentials within your own body
    5. Why they are important
    6. How to use them 
    7. And finally what they translate into
  5. Gaining competency in 12 RevInMo exercises 
    1. How to do them 
    2. Identifying and correcting common mistakes
  6. Acquiring the ability to choose and implement a segmental program based on the primary/secondary deficient Essential and segment

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