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This Masterclass is a FREE 3-part video series dedicated to teaching you how to turn potential into performance through the RevInMo System. In addition to the video lessons, you have access to a ton of bonus content, including Case Studies, a recorded Q&A session with Dr. Edythe, and much more!

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Here Are Your RevInMo Masterclass Video Lessons

Lesson 1: How to Integrate Wellness, Fitness, and Performance Through Exercise

Discover how to integrate wellness, fitness, and performance at any age and any ability. You’ll learn the RevInMo Principles, which are fundamental to maximizing the benefits from your exercise and training programs.

Download The RevInMo Principles Handout by clicking here.

Lesson 2: Your Posture Essentials

Find out about the RevInMo Essentials, which provide you an opportunity for mastery and control of your health and well-being. We’ll show you how the Essentials work harmoniously with one another to create a foundation of true fitness and performance.

Download The Essentials Handout by clicking here

Bonus Video: A Guided Walkthrough of The Essentials with Dr. Edythe Heus. Click here to watch.

Lesson 3: Turning Potential Into Performance

In this lesson, you will receive a real-time RevInMo workout led by Dr. Edythe. Experience the integration of RevInMo Principles through a unique sequence of exercises that train the RevinMo Essentials.

Case Studies

Alex Kalinkos

RevInMo’s Ability to Connect Your Body to Your Surroundings

Crista Hope

Experiencing RevInMo as a healing modality to limit suffering

Susan Mindell

From disabled to thriving with RevInMo

Jacci and Virgil Farlow

Improving hip pain from improving the feet.

Dr. April Graham

Using RevInMo to fuel your outdoor adventures

Susannah Yeagly

RevInMo’s capacity to adapt to your philosophy, and lifestyle

Steve Finley

Using RevInMo as your “In The Zone” Training

John Harper

Overcoming crippling back pain with RevInMo

Roberta Glenn

Preserving autonomy through RevInMo

Level 1 Q&A Recap

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