Private Practice

StimPod NMS 460

Dr. Heus uses the StimPod to identify troubled nerves and heal them. It delivers a unique radio wave frequency that does the healing but the nerve stimulation is essential to identify the troubled nerve and validate its healing. She has used it for nerve and joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, cranial nerve problems, aberrant mobility, stroke, neurological conditions with exceptional results with the added benefit of alleviating anxiety and depression.
It is a valuable tool for optimizing performance at any level.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT also called Photobiomodulation, is using light over injuries or lesions to improve healing, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain. Although it is not known exactly how laser therapy works it is a photochemical process. Unlike high intensity lasers used in surgery, LLLT reduces oxidative stress and increases ATP improving cell metabolism and reducing inflammation.

Dr. Heus uses the LZ30 laser which is the top of the line product in LLLT.

Functional Neurology Tools

Dr. Heus uses numerous tools to enhance brain-body communication and performance as well as for the treatment of neurological conditions. These tools include, but limited to the Neuro Sensory Integrator, Right Eye System, and the Motion Guidance system. These tools use eye movements to identify brain problems, correct those problems and enhance performance.

Functional Medicine

Blood , saliva, stool testing may be a necessary part of a patient’s intake. Dr. Heus uses the results of the tests and the aforementioned tools to compile a comprehensive picture of your health and how it can be restored. Customized diets and supplementation are a critical part of restoring wellness and advancing performance.

Additional therapies

Fascia manipulation, lymphatic drainage, kinesiotaping are a few of the multitudes of therapies Dr. Heus has been trained in and uses.