Healthy Hips Program (Virtual Class Replay Bundle)


Customized workout programs.

Anytime you want.

In the comfort of your home.

Stir the athlete inside with these RevInMo workout programs. We have combined pre-recorded virtual classes to provide you customized workout programs to suit your personal needs. Help improve posture, promote and support optimal movement, and feel more confident in your skin. Through detailed and expert instruction by Dr. Edythe Heus, these programs are your path to strength, resilience, and grace throughout your day.

Healthy Hips

This series of 5 workouts will help you learn how to integrate the RevInMo Essentials for healthy hip function and movement. Hip problems can lead to pain or stiffness in other parts of your body including your low back and knees.  Get rid of aching hip pain and restore function and performance in your hips like never before….and eliminate or prolong the need for a hip replacement.

RevInMo Success Stories

“I’ve been pursuing athletics my entire life, and RevInMo is the key to making sure that I don’t have to throw in the towel. When I have an injury flare up, RevInMo is the workout program I can rely on. It is something that helps me get back to the action faster, promotes elite athleticism and performance, and it even helps me learn something about my injury along the way. So next time I come back stronger and more prepared.”

— Eric Hughes, RevInMo Instructor and professional Disc Golfer