Introducing Rev6 bundled workout programs.

Stir the athlete inside with these specially-packaged Rev6 Bundle workout programs. In various ways, we have combined specific pre-recorded classes, equipment, and instruction to give you the workout to suit your mood, your need, and your ambition. Buy ‘em once. Keep ‘em forever.

Rev6 Play Bigger Bundle!

Everything you need to get started with Rev6 is here.

The secret to explosive power and strength is here. The Play Bigger Bundle trains the body and brain and includes over twelve hours of instruction with the Rev 6 Foundations Class, six modules about Rev 6 Essentials, eleven exercises, six sequences, along with the two key pieces of Rev 6 equipment. This bundle is designed to challenge your body and your mind with instability, variable resistance, and plyometrics. Play bigger to become unstoppable.


Nonstop Hip Hop!

Rev6 for Healthy Hips

This series of 5 workouts will help you learn how to integrate the Rev6 Essentials for healthy hip function and movement. Hip problems can lead to pain or stiffness in other parts of your body including your low back and knees. Get rid of aching hip pain and restore function and performance in your hips like never before. Prolong or even eliminate the need for a hip replacement.

Only $99

Lift Off!

Rev6 for a super spine.

Supercharge your athleticism with Lift Off. This series of XX videos will teach you how to maximize lift through your torso and restore elasticity in your spine. Jump higher, run faster, harness explosive rotational power, and awaken your performance.

Only $99