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If Bears Have Necessities, Humans Should Have Essentials

Written by Colin Donohoo

Written by Colin Donohoo

RevInMo Practitioner | Los Angeles

Most humans know the jingle, “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone,” but this knowledge alone doesn’t help us to express our human potential fully. Unfortunately, for some, those few short song lyrics may summarize their understanding of the human body’s interconnectedness. In general, we have done a decent job teaching ourselves how to move and play in school, and some of us go on to do amazing physical feats. However, on a larger scale, people can’t physically care for themselves, leaving many lacking confidence in how they move, experiencing injuries when they play, and leaving a feeling of disconnect from the world around them.

Revolution in Motion Essentials make a powerful impact, especially for those who feel uncertain about the right way to move. Using the six essentials to create a dialogue, we can effectively help people reconstruct a blueprint of their unique selves. People can unleash their innate ability to play and move freely by developing a new set of reference points. Once people connect to the essentials, they can easily apply them to any daily activity or sport and enjoy a direct impact on their performance while mitigating potential injuries.

“The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone.”

If Bears Have Necessities, Humans Should Have Essentials

Written by Jacci Farlow

Written by Jacci Farlow

RevInMo Practitioner | New York

I have been practicing Revinmo for over a year now. I am devoted. However, recently Dr. Edythe called my attention to my not yet “dialed in” ab hollowing. Well! That kickstarted my day and launched me into a whole new focus!

So I mind my feet, hollow my abs, lift my torso, float my head, relax my back, and let the shoulders fall into place. Now I have an internal script that keeps my body light and aware. I was so adamant the first day that I gave myself sore ribs from all the “lifting” I was doing with my torso. While working on all the essentials, my current snag is “floating my head,” not an easy concept. I tend to look down when I walk, hunch over when I’m sitting, and my chin is usually slightly raised all the time. However, when I do my essentials and get to “float my head,” it’s as though I’ve gone from being a sad turtle to an elegant and languid flamingo. I seem to lose about ten years of heaviness in my head, feeling my neck muscles lengthen, and everything seems to rally around this “awakened” state.

“It’s as though I’ve gone from being a sad turtle to an elegant and languid flamingo.”

So now I often start with pulling my head upwards, and then my torso and abs fall into place. It’s a more accessible reminder if I pass a lot of mirrors or reflective surfaces. It even helps with a better selfie! I have a long way to go before all this is automated, but I am hopeful and resolute! Keeping my head held high!

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