The Power of Revolution In Motion Sequencing

The history and reasoning behind RevInMo sequencing

How RevInMo sequencing help free energy throughout the body

RevInMo sequencing specific to the fascial system

RevInMo sequencing’s effect on the nervous system

The Importance of Sequencing

Written by Sarah Kesler
RevInMo Practitioner – New Jersey

RevInMo’s Sequencing (the order of the exercises) is not programmed randomly. Oftentimes in traditional fitness programming, there is no particular strategy in the order of exercise beyond the traditional warm up through cool down. RevInMo’s Sequencing is strategic in that each exercise builds upon the previous one. The sequencing, like the exercises, work with the design of the body; not against it.

In order to create strength and organization in the body, the small muscles need to be addressed in the beginning of the sequence. For example, we fire up the small muscles in the Frog Rock; feet, hands and wrists. By turning on these distal muscles, it helps turn on the big muscles.

When I think of RevInMo’s Sequencing, I compare it to having a conversation with your body. You start with introducing yourself, move into small talk and then can get into a deeper conversation. The sequencing allows us to gently start to connect our bodies and learn to associate and connect our brain to our body.

From my own personal experience being a Crossfitter for a number of years, I was pushing through workouts while being totally dissociated from my body. I was moving but I wasn’t connected to my body. RevInMo and specifically the sequencing opens the channel between being present and connected to your body.

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