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Level 1 Course Goals and Outcomes

Eric Hughes November 3, 2021

Goals and Outcomes of RevInMo level 1

  1. Understand what RevInMo is and how it works
  2. Know our Mission and your responsibility
  3. Usable comprehension of the Essentials of RevInMo
    a. Introduction
    i. What are the essentials
    ii. What are their origins
    iii. Concepts that form the Essentials
    b. Demonstration of Essentials
    c. Experience the Essentials through a guided demonstration
    d. How to guide clients through Essentials kinesthetically
    e. Why they are important
    f. How to use them
    g. What they translate into
  4. Know the fundamentals of RevInMo and the concepts that lead to them
  5. Posture and gait analysis and recording competency
  6. Posture and Gait analysis using the Essentials­identifying which essential(s) are
  7. Competency in 33 RevInMo exercises
    a. How to do them
    b. Common mistakes
    c. Kinesthetic cueing
    d. Advancing the exercises
  8. Acquire the ability to choose and i

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