Certified Trainers

Alex Kalinko

Over the last 10 years Revolution In Motion has helped reshape my relationship to the body. To live and move in a body that is free of pain and blockages, and that has a nervous system that perceives, adapts and communicates at a high level with the environment is a powerful avenue to health, happiness and high performance. Revolution in Motion is such a strong foundation for this, it is what I strive to share most with my clients. I enjoy working with clients who are curious and are searching to embrace life with the utmost vigor and excitement. I am very thankful for what I have learned through Revolution in Motion and it is my passion to share it

Colin Donohoo

I studied Kinesiology in college and have enjoyed building a professional career helping people learn to move and reconnect to their bodies. I utilize the RevInMo system with all of my clients. In my 10 years of experience I have found this method to be an effective way to prepare the human body for life, and personally being an avid footballer and mover I use Revolution In Motion to keep my body ready to perform.

Courtney Page

Courtney has been using RevInMo to train herself and clients for 15 years. Her journey began when she met Dr. Heus and learned RevInMo and saw that the injuries that had plagued her disappeared. After her own incredible results she began utilizing the program with her clients and the outcome was equally impactful. After becoming a mom, Courtney saw the effects of pregnancy and motherhood in a new light and that began her passion of pelvic floor work and helping women optimize the functioning of their pelvic floor. Courtney sees people privately and continues to work with Dr. Heus to learn and expand her knowledge of how to help her clients.

Martin Banda

I have been training since last 2010. I started at big corporate gyms and have worked my way in elite wellness and lifestyle based fitness companies. My main passion is Trainer development and education. With that my personal experience in fitness has been mainly in the strength training realm. I am a certified Strong First Elite Coach. That is I am proficient with kettlebell, barbell, and body weight respective strength training disciplines. My favorite part of RevInMo is the advanced method of nervous system recovery. With Revolution in Motion I have been able to survive and progress my rigorous strength training schedule. It has helped keep my mind and body fresh and injury free.

Tami Stapf

Tami Kupetz-Stapf has been in the fitness field for over thirty years. Throughout her versatile career, Tami has worked with virtually every segment of the population, including youth, pre and post natal women and older adults. Tami is currently focusing on the fifty plus population and the neurological benefits exercise can provide.

Revinmo is the perfect blend of body and brain and Tami is passionate about sharing its enormous benefits…from back health, pelvic floor health, brain health to deep core strength, foot work, balance, flexibility, improved posture and enhanced overall functional wellness!

Tami has her masters degree in Recreation Administration with a focus on the psychological and social impact exercise has on one’s wellbeing.

She is an ACE certified trainer as well as a certified Revinmo trainer.

Tami teaches small group classes and works one on one with her clients from her home studio in Hidden Hills CA.

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