Using RevInMo as Your Meditation Practice
Written By: Mayra

In my experience, I found that Revinmo is a powerful gateway to the mind-body-spirit connection. When these three elements are one, you transcend and flow.

Revinmo is more than my daily workout. It is my moving meditation. It has revealed to me my innate ability to heal, and restore harmonious balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Revinmo uses barefoot training and novel movement to reprogram our fascia and carve new neural pathways. In doing so, I found that it not only rewires our body and brain, but also affects the etheric body, opening and releasing trapped energies in specific ways.

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Revinmo’s emphasis on feet is directly related to energy. A larger than average part of the brain associated with sensation is dedicated to the feet along with hands, lips and tongue. Barefoot training sends abundant sensory input by way of our feet, which is carried by our nervous system to our brain. Additionally, chakras are represented on our feet and meridians also begin and end in our feet where they influence the flow of energy in the body.

Spiritual leader and author, Caroline Myss points out that “Our biography becomes our biology”. Emotional force influences physical tissue within our bodies. Positive and negative experiences, (such as past and present relationships, traumas, memories, belief patterns, attitudes, spiritual and superstitious beliefs) register a memory in cell tissue as well as in the energy field. The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions.

On the same note, neurobiologist Dr. Candace Pert has proven, neuropeptides—the chemicals triggered by emotions—are thoughts converted into matter. Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues. Therefore, negative experiences become blocked energies and these blockages will manifest into disease.

“Clearly there’s another form of energy that we have not yet understood. For example, there’s a form of energy that appears to leave the body when the body dies…Your mind is in every cell of your body.”

Dr. Candiace Pert

Revinmo enables me to free up blockages in my physical body, followed by quieting of the mind and opening of the heart chakra. I am then able to let go and release old stored energy in the energy field. In fact, when I am in a transcendental state, it becomes unclear which is happening first, the change in cell tissue or the change in energy field. I believe this to be the metaphysical fabric of life!

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  1. Jeff

    This is really great! I’ve wanted to try more meditation!

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